Migration from macOS Kexts to System Extensions

Event description

During this webinar, Apriorit experts will discuss all the pros and cons of transitioning from kexts to system extensions. They will help you understand what to think about before migrating to system extensions and how to choose the right company to do it. Throughout the session, we will share practical experiences and real-life cases to illustrate the nuances of the migration process.

Apriorit experts will discuss the following topics:

  • Reasons for deprecating kexts and KPIs used in their development
  • Advantages of system extension usage
  • What modern technologies are covered by system extensions
  • What technologies are not supported by system extensions yet
  • Common aspects across different system extensions
  • Peculiarities of different system extensions: Endpoint Security, Network Extension, and DriverKit
  • Common issues that can be solved using system extension techniques

Our Speakers

Speaker - Mariya Shestakova
Mariya Shestakova,
MacOS Software Developer at Apriorit
Speaker - Lidiia Mandrovna
Lidiia Mandrovna,
R&D Delivery Manager at Apriorit

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