Exploring Windows Kernel Extension Opportunities of Cybersecurity Solutions: Ready-made vs Custom vs Hybrid

Event description

If you find yourself questioning the need to implement kernel extensions for your system, this webinar will clear everything up. We will explore scenarios where developing custom kernel and driver extensions from scratch is the best bet. Additionally, we'll discuss situations where you can rely on ready-made solutions, as well as when a hybrid approach may be the most effective strategy.  During the webinar we will discuss the following topics:
  • Kernel level vs user level: advantages and disadvantages of each approach and their use cases
  • Popular cybersecurity tools and drivers set for kernel mode
  • Ready-made vs custom vs hybrid solutions for kernel level protection
  • Driver types to consider when building kernel level solutions 

Our Speaker

Speaker - Victor Mylokum
Victor Mylokum,
Development Leader at Apriorit
Speaker - Klaudia Zaika
Klaudia Zaika,
VP of Engineering at Apriorit

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