Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Android Best Practices

Event description

During the webinar, we covered a lot information about how can MDM help you optimize mobile device usage, improve employee productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance your overall business performance and security. You may will receive a webinar recording and a copy of the presentation on your email by filling the form. Watch our webinar to learn more about:
  • What mobile device management is
  • Types of Android MDM solutions
  • Possible applications of MDM
  • Business benefits of implementing MDM
  • Evolution of MDM solutions
Also our speaker will share helpful tips on how to choose the best MDM approach for your project.

Our Speaker

Speaker - Eugene Koshel
Eugene Koshel,
Senior Android Developer at Apriorit,
Senior Android developer with more than 6 years of experience in mobile device management (MDM) engineering. Eugene has worked on a multiple projects in the field of MDM and MAM solutions. Currently is doing a PhD in Computer Science.

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