Traffic Spikes in Startups: How to Mitigate Them and Make Your Product Grow

Event description

A house built for five will never fit 50 people.

When launching a new project, be it a web service or a mobile application, you cannot always tell exactly how many users you will have on the platform in the end. Yet this parameter is crucial, as it significantly affects the cost of development, further maintenance, and the project’s overall success.

If you can’t predict sudden changes in user traffic, you need to learn how to handle them with little to no side effects. At this webinar, an Apriorit expert will reveal how you can effectively respond to spikes in user traffic and continue to scale your product with reasonably low effort and investment.
During the webinar we:
  • compare Firebase, AWS, and other platforms to understand which one is the best for scaling your product
  • discuss which tools and approaches can help you effectively respond to spikes in user traffic while continuing to grow your product and attract new users
  • share a successful case of handling a massive traffic spike in website load — from 350 to 35,000 users in just two days

Our Speaker

Speaker - Ivan Ivaneychik
Ivan Ivaneychik,
Team Coordinator at Apriorit,
Development Manager of projects targeted on scalability and performance efficiency, Web Developer with 8 years of experience

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